AMOXICILIN 500 plv. sol. a. u. v.

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Amoxicillin is a broad-spectrum, polysynthetic penicillin with very quick bactericidal effects. In concentrations of 10 µg/ml, complete lysis of Escherichia coli is achieved in vitro within one hour. After absorption, amoxicillin is quickly distributed into the tissues of the whole body, especially high levels are reached in the kidneys, urine, liver and bile. In respiratory infections, amoxicillin permeates the pulmonary membrane changed by inflammation into the mucus. As the disease reacts and the inflammation connected with it retreats, the levels of amoxicillin are still maintained, thereby protecting against recurrence of the original infection. Like with other penicillins, problems connected with toxicity are virtually absent with amoxicillin even in very high doses.

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