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EKOSIP is a preparation based on silicon dioxide, effective in removing mites in the breeding of poultry, pigeons and exotic birds.

The preparation has a greater ability to absorb water and oil, and it has a physical action on insects. After it sticks to the cuticle, it invades the waxy layer, which dries out the parasite. It does not have any negative effect on the health of the animal, on feed mixes or on people, and it does not affect the quality of animal products. It remains active for a long time in a dry environment. Its useful effects have even been confirmed against external parasites in rabbits, guinea pigs and goats.


- open up the holes on the lid of the PE container

- shake the powder through the holes on the cap under the feathers on the skin of the bird in areas with the greatest concentration of parasites, on a place without feathers or fur;

shake the powder directly on the skin or spread it with a cotton pad;

use regularly as needed.

- mix the powder into the sand for the litter in a ratio of about 1:10

- shake the powder onto the floors, walls and on the equipment surface of the housing area in the amount of 20-30g/m2

It is recommended to repeat the application every 7-14 days.

Safety measures:

In case of inhalation:

Possible coughing and sneezing, lead the injured to fresh air.

In case of eye contact:

Pour large amounts of water into the open eye; seek medical attention in case of persistent problems

In case of ingestion:

Rinse mouth and drink plenty of water.

In case of contact with skin:

Wash with lots of soap and water.


- use a mask over the mouth when applying