History of UNIVIT s.r.o.

Univit s.r.o. is strictly a private Czech company founded in 1992 by individuals. Since the start of its activities, the company has been continuing in the tradition of Farmakon of producing veterinary medicine, which goes back to 1965 when the company introduced its first products for the veterinary market. Over a very short period, Farmakon achieved a dominant position on the market for veterinary antibiotic medicine for farm animals and at the same time started producing vitamin and vitamin-mineral premixes and supplemental feed. At the same time, the production of small packages of supplemental feed was introduced for small-scale breeders of agricultural and domestic animals under the already well-established brands Roboran and Konvit.

In 1992 Univit took over all activities of the veterinary division of Farmakon and started developing more products for the veterinary field. In the field of veterinary medicine, it was mostly about registration of the antibiotic preparation Rupin Special for carp (which up to now has enjoyed a dominant position on the market) or UNI Amoxicillin, a modern, wide-spectrum antibiotic for factory-farmed pigs and poultry.

Regarding feed, the company has gradually specialized mainly in the production of supplemental feed for cattle under the brand UNIDOP and recently also for the developing market of horse feed under the brand HIPPOVIT. For our customers, the company has available a strong base of quality nutrition experts, who are ready to optimize the use of our products according to the specific conditions of the customer. The experience of our experts allows farmers to get the maximum benefit out of using our products in nourishing farm animals.

Since its beginnings, Univit has taken care to maximally ensure the quality of its products. For this reason, the maximum of investments has been geared towards quality control. Our separate corporate laboratory is currently equipped with modern technology for monitoring all our products, including a liquid chromatograph. We are currently verifying the possibilities of using NIR technology for monitoring the production of feed with grant assistance from the European Union, which we are involved in together with other strictly private Czech companies and with the supervision of the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture in Brno.

All of the company’s manufacturing is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality management system, which the company implemented in 2001 when it was certified by TUV International. For the production of veterinary medicine, the company has implemented the system of “good manufacturing practice”, and it holds a permit for the manufacture of mass-produced medicine and medicalized feed. The company is also registered to distribute veterinary medicine. It is also dedicated to the ecological production of feed, which is especially appreciated by newly emerging eco-farms that strive to produce safe, wholesome food. For this activity we obtained a certificate from Eko-kom.