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Welcome to the e-shop of UNIVIT s.r.o.

As a leading manufacturer of veterinary products, we offer you services which you won’t find elsewhere. We present the current offer of vitamin supplements for all animals. From the comfort of your own home or office, you can look over the current offer in our e-shop and choose something that will meet your needs and those of your beloved friends. If you return unused items to us within 14 days, you can exchange them or simply return them and get the money back. With the e-shop of UNIVIT s.r.o. you have nothing to lose!

2. General conditions

Our shop is here for you 9 hours a day! From 6am to 3pm, call + 420 585 051 554 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Shipping and handling are billed according to the shipping method (See point 7 below). Please follow our special offers on the home page.

3. Subject matter of the contract

The subject matter of the contract is only those items explicitly stated in the sale contract – the order (“items”).

  • items without defects in accordance with the specifications or the usual properties of the given type of item
  • complying with the norms, regulations and decrees valid in the Czech Republic
  • equipped with Czech operating instructions, warranty cards and lists of out-of-warranty repair shops, if it is customary for the given type of item.

4. Ordering items, closing the contract

a) A condition for the validity of the electronic order is that all forms are completed with the necessary data and requirements. The order is a draft of the sale contract. To close the sale contract, formal confirmation by the seller is not required; the contract then arises with the actual delivery of the items. In a single, particularly cost-intensive case, the seller can set aside the formation of a contract by confirming the order.

b) Depending on the nature of the sale (number of items, amount of the total price, expenses for preparation, distance, etc.), the seller always has the right to request the buyer to authorise the order in a suitable way, e.g. by telephone or in writing. If the seller refuses to authorise the order in the requested manner, the order shall be considered invalid.

5. Prices and payment

The retail prices of the items in this shop are always current and are stated for every item including VAT. An invoice drawn up based on the sale contract between the seller and the buyer is also a tax document. Delivery of the items to the buyer is possible only after they are fully paid for, unless otherwise agreed.

VAT Act Ch. II Sec. 9

A taxable supply is considered realised within the sale of items according to the sale contract on the delivery date, in other cases on the date of receipt or payment of the items, whichever comes first, unless this act states otherwise.

“Delivery date of the items” according to the Commercial Code: Chapter II, part 2, Sec. 412, para. 1

If the seller is not obliged under the contract to deliver the items to a specific place, delivery of the items is realised upon their transfer to the first carrier for shipping to the buyer, if the contract stipulates that the seller ships the items.

6. Delivery period

The delivery period starts on the date of the receipt of a binding order subject to receipt of all documents that are necessary for timely handling deliveries. If the items are in stock, the seller undertakes to dispatch them or transfer them to the carrier within 5 working days (usually within 24 hours). To the Slovak Republic within 14 days, usually 2 days. The delivery period will be extended according to the circumstances, if a delay is caused by force majeure or circumstances not caused by the seller.

Most of the items are largely always in stock. If there is an important order, the buyer will ask the seller for a written confirmation of the order. If the ordered items are not in stock or if it’s not possible to deliver them to the carrier within 5 days, the seller will communicate the anticipated delivery date or will offer other comparable items. However in this case, the approval of the buyer will be requested. The delivery period will be considered as fulfilled on time if the items are ready to transfer in the place of performance at the latest on the last day of the agreed or subsequently agreed delivery period. If the seller is not capable of sending the items to the purchaser (transferring them to the first carrier for shipping) within 30 calendar days, the seller is obliged without needless delay to refund all money invested by the purchaser in the order at hand – sale contract on his account.

7. Shipping and handling (valid from 1 March 2010)

The items will be sent to you:

Carrier PPL
Maximum weight Price in CZK
3 Kg 121,-
10 Kg 150,-
30 Kg 210,-
40 Kg 300,-

An order for items in the amount of CZK 1,500 or more (incl. VAT) with a gross weight of up to 10 kg – free shipping. We charge based on the valid tariffs of PPL.

The prices for shipping and handling include VAT.

Personal pick-up of items: UNIVIT s.r.o., shop Sadová 5, Uničov.

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